Dr. Cindy Schippert is a licensed school psychologist and a licensed professional counselor. “Dr. Cindy” brings more than twenty years of experience working with children and families in both the public school (e.g. Cherry Creek School District, JeffCo Public Schools) and private practice settings. She holds a bachelor’s degree with the University of Nevada, Reno; master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling with the University of Denver (DU); and doctorate degree in School Psychology with DU.

In her private practice, Dr. Cindy has counseled children, adolescents and families experiencing a variety of social-emotional-behavioral concerns including anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, cognitive inflexibility, depression, emotional regulation, explosive behaviors, family changes, grief and loss, and social skill deficits. In the school setting (as well as in her private practice), Dr. Cindy has conducted numerous cognitive and social-emotional assessments. She has also provided individual, small group, and classroom interventions to support the social- emotional wellness of preschool and elementary aged children, including special education students with moderate to significant needs.

Dr. Cindy ardently believes that all children (and adults) do well when they can. Her many years of experience have established specific skills in the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach. CPS is based on the belief that challenging behavior is often the by product of a delay in the skills of flexibility, adaptability, and frustration tolerance. This research-based approach emphasizes a proactive focus on solving and preventing problems before they occur.

Dr. Cindy’s approach to counseling children and families is strengths-based and trauma-informed, with a therapeutic style that embodies warmth, compassion, and positivity. Dr. Cindy believes that growth, success, and joy are possible for everyone. In her personal life, Dr. Cindy enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.