Adolescent Counseling

The teenage years are some of the most trying times for many people. It is a period of individuation and exploration. My work with teens is rooted in a variety of therapeutic approaches, much like that of adults, in order to meet the needs of the client. These approaches include helping teens understand their own perspectives by beginning to identify their values. This is done using CBT, DBT, interpersonal therapy and ACT therapeutic modalities with a strengths-based approach.

Schroer Counseling and Consulting Adolescent Counseling

When beginning therapy, it is important to understand the client's goals and create a plan that feels comfortable to both the client and therapist. Therefore, a new client/family will have a 1.5 hour initial session to establish this plan and ensure services are a good fit. Ongoing therapy sessions run between 50-60 minutes and typically are weekly or biweekly.

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