A cognitive assessment (or IQ test) may be utilized to determine eligibility for school admission or to a specific school program (such as Gifted and Talented). Additionally, a cognitive assessment provides you with information pertaining to your child's strengths and needs in the areas of problem solving ability (both verbal and nonverbal), working memory skills, and processing speed skills.

The Assessment Details:

1. Connect with us to set up a pre-mtg via phone call or telehealth call.

2. Schedule the assessment. The assessment is conducted at our office in Greenwood Village and takes between 90-120 minutes to complete with a few extra minutes to get settled on the front end.

3. The child/teen completes the assessment. This is one-on-one with a child/teen and the clinician in the room. The parent is welcome to sit just outside the doors for comfort of the patient but please discuss this with your child/teen beforehand. Our clinicians will build rapport with a parent present for the first few minutes to ease any worries and explain the format for the assessment.

4. The clinician will complete the scoring and contact you for a post-assessment phone call or telehealth call to go over the results, NS answer questions. The clinician will also provide you a written summary that includes recommendations for your child's learning moving forward.

Assessment Pricing:

The cost is $800 for the complete assessment for one child. If you decide to test more than one child in your family, the cost is $750/child. Additionally, if you'd like to have the clinician join an IEP, 504 or school meeting to explain and go over the assessment, there is an additional fee of $300 per child. This is optional, however, many families find this helpful for educational planning. We do not take insurance, however, if you'd like to use a FSA/HSA card, you are welcome to do so.

Please know once you schedule, you are expected to attend the assessment. If you need to cancel the assessment, we ask for 48 hour notice. Notice given less than 48 hours ahead of time will still be charged.



School Consultations

School consultations are available on an individual basis and are determined after either the initial session or ongoing therapy for a client. These can be requested either by families or school districts directly. This service is available to support school personnel in meeting the needs of the client with effective interventions and/or offering strategies to increase school success. This includes working with school personnel for IEP or RTI meetings as well as providing expertise for classroom teachers.

Behavioral Consultations

Behavior consultations are aimed at targeted behaviors that are usually happening within the home or a specific environment and are challenging to manage. The goal is to develop a positive behavior plan and adaptive strategies that support the child or teen.

Parent/Caregiver Consultations

Parent/caregiver consultations can be done a variety of ways depending on the need of the individual and/or family. Whether it is individual work or leading small groups, I've work with helping parents through difficult childhood behaviors and assisting in how to realign the family unit. The goal is to provide proven and research-based strategies to the family that they can then apply and add to their parenting tool kit.

Corporate Consultations

Corporate consultations are tailored uniquely to each corporation or business. Whether an organization is a start-up trying to support mental health for employees or a large corporation looking to provide trainings on stress, burnout, and identifying warning signs of mental health challenges, we lead these difficult discussions for you. These consultations aim to bring awareness on how supporting mental health is an integral part of success of an organization.