Child Counseling

Children learn and express through activity and play which is imperative to their comprehension of the world. In child therapy, I use a combination of art, play, games, role-plays and creative expression in conjunction with dialogue. My goal is to ensure the child feels emotionally safe so as to share and work through the challenges they face. This allows them to process emotions and and build tools to problem solve. I also believe that parents/caregivers play a vital role in the healing of children and feel it is necessary for us all to work together.


When beginning therapy, it is important to understand the client's goals and create a plan that feels comfortable to both the client and therapist. Therefore, a new client/family will have a 1.5 hour initial session to establish this plan and ensure services are a good fit. Ongoing therapy sessions run between 50-60 minutes and typically are weekly or biweekly.

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