Mara Yamshon, LCSW is an expert child, family and adult mental health therapist who loves seeing the improvement to one's social-emotional wellbeing. Mara has over 13 years of experience and works with anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, ADHD, early intervention, parent-child relationship support, mood disorders and more. Mara is trained in several evidence-based interventions including CBT, trauma-focused interventions, neuroscience and DBT. Mara believes that therapy should both be solution-focused and collaborative in nature. By helping clients understand their experiences, Mara empowers them to be their own advocates and to develop skills that equip them for facing their challenges at any age. Using play, talk and collaborative methods in therapy, Mara ensures her clients feel comfortable when working together.

Additionally, Mara enjoys hiking, yoga, playing tennis and meditating, and sees the importance in the mind-body connection.